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2 Engine Stutters in 1 day! It's a sign of . . . . . ?

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The first time the engine stuttered on my 2002 7.3 was this morning on the highway. I eased off of the pedal (my cruise is broken) as I started down a grade. The engine stuttered and then acted as if nothing happened.

The second time it happened was when I was working the throttle and clutch to start from a stop in first gear. It stuttered, I let off, it resumed operation, and I went at it again successfully.

I installed a DP Tuner 6 position chip about 3 weeks ago, and was in the 80 Econo setting at the time. A recent scan has shown that my clutch switch is defective, which is why my cruise control doesn't work.
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I had the same general symptoms on my 2000. I got lucky in that it didn't just die on me. It coughed and sputtered several times on the way to a hunting lease. Got to the ranch after several dying episodes, but each time it would fire back up and run just great. Then it flat died 100 miles from home, acting as if it had no ignition. Then for some reason (divine intervention?), it fired up and got me home.

Replaced the CPS and haven't looked back as it took care of the problem. And yes, I still keep one and an 11mm wrench in the glovebox.
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