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2000 7.3 no start issue in Dallas Tx

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Thanks in advance for reading this.

I purchased a non running truck. I have a replacement engine, but I would like to hear the old one run to verify the components that I need to re use are in working order. I have been playing around with it for a while, but now I need to get serious and get it done. The truck makes no attempt to start at all during cranking. The HPOP res runs dry during cranking. It has a new LPOP, cps, starter, and batteries. Fuel filter is new, and filter housing fills with fresh fuel. After cranking the engine and refilling the HPOP res multiple times, I purchased a new IPR. I turned the key to see what would happen and it started and ran immediately, even without filling the HPOP res. It ran very good for 30-45 seconds and then died again. It will not start back up. My thinking is that the new IPR was in a different position than the old one, and it allowed the high pressure oil to flow into the head and fire the injectors. I think this means my HPOP is putting out enough pressure for the engine to run, but the IPR valve is staying closed? What tells the IPR valve to open or close? Would this be the IDM?

The original problem with the engine was a turbo shaft failure probably due to high egt's. It is possible that metal from the turbo grenade has made its way into the intake and oil passages of the pedestal, but it sounded so good for that one minute. I would like to hear it one more time.

I paid a ford tech to come hook his scan tool up to it. It was a waste of 100 bucks. He told me the engine was shot and it needed to be replaced.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
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If the HPOP reservoir is not filling, you have an issue with the LPOP, the pickup tube, or a massive internal leak. That's assuming you have enough oil in the pan.
The IPR is controlled by the PCM, and is measured in duty cycle. It doesn't stay open or closed, but is cycled open and closed until the desired pressure is reached, which is read by the ICP. You can remove a valve-cover and observe oil pulsing out of the spout on the top of the injectors to see if they are firing.
Disconnecting the IPR will ensure a no-start/no-run. I think he meant unplug the ICP, which sometimes can go bad. It is what tells the PCM the pressure, and the PCM adjusts the IPR accordingly. If the ICP is biased, the IPR may not be commanded to build enough pressure.

If it ran for those 45secs then died, you need to look for what ran out. Oil in the HPOP? Fuel pressure? You need to make sure the fuel pressure is above 30psi to start, but it really needs 60 to run right. If the HPOP reservoir is running down, that's the problem.
It doesn't appear to be an issue with the IDM, PCM, IPR, or ICP. They are working. Is the HPOP reservoir going empty? Do you have fuel pressure? It really sounds like you are either running out of fuel or running out of oil in the HPOP.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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