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2000 7.3L Crank no Fire

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Im new here been reading through tons of forums trying to figure this out. For a while the truck would quickly flash water in fuel light along with the engine and WTS light and wouldn't go anywhere until I released the throttle. Then it would run fine, usually only did it while I was at a steady idle speed of 45 or 65. The other day I washed it and now it won't fire, I replaced the fuel pressure regulator and the fuel heater sensor on the fuel bowl. Still won't fire fuel is getting to the fuel bowl, sounds like its going to fire right up but wont. Any advice would be great obefore I go and replace the IDM. TIA
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The IDM wouldn't be on my top ten list. Was the light flashing steady or did it look like a short? Do you have access to a bidirectional scan tool like AutoEnginuity? I'd runs some scans before I started throwing parts at it.
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