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Truck in great condition. Always babied and over maintained. Fresh clay bar job, polish, and waxed. Oil changed at 190k. This truck would make a perfect highway hauler (car, RV, boat, or horse trailer hauler). Very strong truck.

Program Towing tune (better mileage and smoother shifts)
Donaldson 6637 air filter modification (improved mpg, power)
Open exhaust (more mpg, improved turbo sound)
182k - Six new Michelin 255-85r16 MS2 ten-ply truck tires. Just over 10k miles on them.
187k - New water pump with filter system from DieselSite (just an upgrade/preventative maintenance) Also installed new belt and idler pulleys. Refilled entire cooling system with Evans waterless coolant. New thermostat.
Smoke cab light lenses and white LED bulbs.
Smoked dual rear wheel fender LED markers.
Mag Hitech finned differential cover
Comes with brand new TurboMaster Wastegate Control - never installed.
Two strong Diehard platinum AGM batteries

I purchased the truck in 2010 at 150k in North Carolina.
Always used DieselKleen every fuel fill-up.
Oil changed every 3k miles using 15w40 Rotella Synthetic and Motorcraft filter
Differential fluid is Redline and changed at 185k.
Transmission filter and fluid changed at 175k
Never had a 5th wheel hitch installed.
Truck was in North Carolina and Florida. No rust!
Majority of mileage between 150k and now was during 100 mile round trip commutes. I would use it for my commute every once in a while to keep it moving.

Towing history 150k-current (1150 miles total towing):
Previous owner towed a non-5th wheel single horse trailer with it.
200 miles round trip with 26’ camper (Florida to Alabama)
650 miles with 8x12 UHAUL trailer (Florida to Virginia)
550 miles with 19’ center console boat (North Carolina to Florida)
5x ten-mile trips with 18’ fiberglass race boat (to boat ramp)
20x four-mile trips with 19’ center console boat (to boat ramp)
50 mile trip with UHAUL car trailer and Ford Model A
60 mile trip with UHAUL car trailer and Ford Model A

4x4 use history:
Used 4x4 once in soft sand on trail in Florida (not more than 50 feet)
4x4 system “exercised” annually to ensure normal function.

Cracking in leather center console lid and some seats.
Stained leather on rear bench

Asking 15k.
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