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2000 7.3L surging while warming up

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Does anyone know why my 2000 F-250's 7.3L has been surging the last couple times I drove it? It did it last night & I thought maybe I was pulsing my foot on the accelearator or something, but then it did it again this a.m.

What is happening is after I drive it for a mile or two when I press the accelearator, the truck seems like it's not taking fuel or misfiring and kind of surges, bucks, or starts sputtering around 1,500 rpms. The crazy thing is this totally goes away after the truck warms up. So it doesn't do it when it's cold or hot, just briefly after it's run for a bit, and before it reaches operating temperature.

The SES light hasn't come on either. I also don't know if this has anything to do with it, but here in Southern OH it's gone from being in the single digits to the 50's and 60's over the last few days.

Anyone with any ideas please let me know. I'm worried this is going to get worse & leave me stranded somewhere.
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LOL, thanks Bill. Does yours do that all the time or just sporadically? This is the first time I can ever remember mine doing this.
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