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2000 coilover conversion

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i just put billstein shocks on my 2000 7.3 with a pro comp leveling kit. it rides decent but does anyone have a writeup on what id need for a coilover conversion in the future?
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my thoughts are :
I have an 08' F350 CCLB stock with Goodyear AT 275 65 20 tires. I keep the all 4 at 70 psi ( except for when I tow, the rears go to 80 )
It rides kind of hard - it's a 1 ton truck !
Then, I needed tires - so on went a front leveling kit, but this time I ran Goodyear Dura Trac325 60 20 - the max pressure is 65 and that is where I ran all 4 . What a difference in ride ! Way nicer. And I didn't change the shocks. The kit came with an extension for the existing shocks.

Now, I also have my 02' F350 CCLB . Leveling kit on the front of that was the BS way,,,, added a few springs to the factory X code springs. BFG KO 295 65 16...65 psi max tire Stock shocks with again the extension.
The truck rode better than stock and nicer than the 08' with the coils........

Now I just finished a Icon 6" kit with OUO traction lift blocks and bars in the rear. Rancho 9000XL shocks ( I am going to see how they work or Fox adjustable shock will replace them in the Spring ) 20 x 10 Centerline Forged wheels with again the Goodyear Dura Tracs 325's .
This set up rides AWESOME !!!!

Long winded here, tire pressure makes a huge difference !
Save your $ on a coil conversion.
Now if you do like me and are lifting the truck, then ,,,,,,,,, but I am totally pleased with what I did. I am old school, I like leaf springs. keep that axle in place !
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Max pressure depends on what tire you are running.
Notice that with the larger tires I do run them at max. The are taller ( more side wall to cushion the rode ) but they are also wider. Both of those factors help with the ride quality.

For your question of the 295 with the level kit. My truck came with X code springs all around. It has the camper package, so the front sat a little high. Then I added two leveling springs. It still rode pretty dam nice. Wheels I ran 16 x 10 Weld SuperSingles. At full wheel left turn I got a little inner wheel well rubbing.

Do you have any interest in those wheels ? They are going on Ebay soon.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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