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2001 7.3 Powerstroke

160K miles

Following new in the last 4 months with maybe 1k miles on them

Reman Injectors(8)-Midland Diesel
Glow Plug Relay-OEM Ford
Glow Plugs(8)-OEM Ford
VCG w/harness-OEM Ford


Truck hard starts around 50F and below. Several GP cycles needed and lots of cranking. Run alittle rough and has no power until it warms up. Hot starts no issue. Plenty of whitish smoke

30F this morning was tried several times with no start.

KOEOF IPR value 14.X

Cranking IPR varies from 15-40 but calms to about 20 when the truck finally starts

Cranking ICP is around 900-1200- around 600 running

RPM cranking is 130 according to AE

Buzz Test sounds good, and contribution test is good.

Fuel pressure is 55 but seems to take a few seconds to come up. Seems like its not staying primed almost. Thought I heard a gurgling noise with KOEOF. How long should it hold fuel pressure after the key is off, measure at the fuel bowl.

Thoughts? What am I missing as far as tests. Seems the HPO Systems is working properly but maybe I'm wrong.

I will admit I'm a Cummins guy, I know those motors better.
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