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2001 7.3L Won't Crank, under dash relay clicks

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Hey guys, I am new to the boards although I have been reading for a while.

I have a 2001 F-250 7.3 193k miles, original owner.

There are a few issues so let me start at the beginning. Last week my key fob/remotes stopped working.
A couple days later I noticed my OD light flashing while I was driving home on a rainy day. The following morning I noticed my driver side floor board was wet along with the connections at fuse panel. The truck would not start and inst cluster and panels were going crazy. Disconnected Batteries and I removed the fuse panel, dried out connectors and replaced.

The crazy clicking and door chime stuff has gone away and everything seems normal until I go to turn the key....faint click from the relay under the dash is all I quick rundown
1: Remotes stop working
2: Fuse Panel wet (Dried and back together)
3: Now won't crank

any help would be appreciated.

Brand new batteries last month
New Alternator
Battery cables seem tight and no corrosion
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The voltage is good.
Yes, it seems to be running in from the windshield.

Thanks I will check the connection at the firewall
So I pulled the starter today (It was BAD) replaced the starter and same thing...turn key and a single click.

Good news is I was able to jump the solenoid with a screwdriver ( would not work before) and it fired up...ran fine.

So with that in you think my starter solenoid is bad?

I just wanted to update you guys. I replaced the starter since it ended up being bad. The problem still existed except I could jump the solenoid. Got a new starter solenoid on the passenger fender well today and now it cranks with the key.

Thank you guys for the help!
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