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POR 15 is very expensive and the surface has to be prepped just so.
Chassis Saver can go over rust as long as it is not loose.
That Excursion, I pulled back the harness to the bumper, rolled it up, put it in a bag and zip tied it to the hitch. I pulled the plastic brackets. Trans and drive shafts were out of it for work but you can get around that. I stuffed the firewall with inexpensive freight blankets from harbor freight. I cover all unplugged harness connectors with plastic sandwich bags and rubber bands. I covered the engine with layers of freight blankets and sheets of plastic. I filled the sides of engine compartments with plastic and freight blankets. I called my roll off guy. He came. I gave him a gallon of Chassis Saver paint that I bought for about $100. I gave him 6 new freight blankets in their bags. He took the Excursion to the blaster. He used the new blankets to cover the roof and hood. He got under there with his blasting gun. He wore a helmet that had a respirator and a hose that pumped in fresh air. He blasted the under side with aluminum oxide media. He blasted dust off with air. He sprayed the gallon of chassis saver on. Few days later, my roll off guy brought it back.
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