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2001 F250 steering column sensor help!

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Hello. I have a 2001 f250 diesel 4x4 truck. Some days I can drive completely normal down the road and other days it darts me to the left and right and is hard to stay on the road. But after a little while it goes back to its normal mode again. My dads mechanic told me it was the steering column sensor. The auto parts store and the ford dealership have no idea what I am talking about. The part isn't listed. Has anyone else had an issue like this or changed one of these before? Thank you!
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You father's mechanic is having fun at your expense, as above there is no sensor for steering . sound to me like tie rod ends and bad road pavement. Go to a dealer or alignment shop for an estimate of your issues.
heads up though $$$$
ball joints
tie rod ends, wrong caster nut installed not thick enough in height with 1 washer and cotter key, needs second washer to take up the play as tie rod end can jump up and down giving you false feeling behind the wheel. had this once as we all believe the parts we buy are totally correct. although if the tapper is worn out shop wreckers for a Knuckle assembly but take a new tie rod end join with you to check height as it to might need a second washer to take out play
wheel bearing hub assemblies
power steering issues not hydraulic but center link in my opinion
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