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2001 psd coolant

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I bought my 2001 psd about 3 months ago. It has 83000 miles on it. I just checked the antifreeze with the Fleetguard test strips and the SCA is a little high (3.1) and it looks like they put the Gold in the system. For the test I pulled the sample from the petcock. The antifreeze is very clean and clear. Do you think I should go ahead and change the antifreeze or just let it ride.

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Maybe the previous owner realized, like me, that the Gold did not give enough cavitation protection and added some SCA's but over did it!!! At best the Gold will only read 800ppm and this brand new out of the bottle, so either somebody added SCA or it wasn't flushed properly prior. I would flush it out real good and use a good ELC coolant that meets CAT=EC-1 requirements and know you have the best coolant possible in your truck.
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