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2001 psd coolant

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I bought my 2001 psd about 3 months ago. It has 83000 miles on it. I just checked the antifreeze with the Fleetguard test strips and the SCA is a little high (3.1) and it looks like they put the Gold in the system. For the test I pulled the sample from the petcock. The antifreeze is very clean and clear. Do you think I should go ahead and change the antifreeze or just let it ride.

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Unless you know the maintenance history of the truck, it would be a good idea to do a complete flush. Coolant isn't that expensive, and by flushing you'll know where you stand.

As an alternative you could drain a portion of your coolant and then top off with fresh 50/50 (with no SCA added). This will lower your SCA level by diluting the old coolant/SCA solution with new coolant.

If your 3-way Fleetguard test strip is showing a reading of Molybdate (scale on left side of chart), then the coolant was not replaced with the Gold, or it was not flushed completely when changed out. The Gold is a Nitrite-only coolant, meaning that zero Molybdate is present. And the Gold will not have 3.1 Units of SCA even when new (at best it will have minimum SCA protection).
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