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I have a 2002 GMC van 450,000K (279,000miles), the van started having a power problems for the last year. Along with that the fuel economy dropped and finally it threw a PO216 code. Time to the replace the IP, I ordered a remanufactured AC Delco pump and installed it. The van started and ran well except it was pouring white smoke out the exhaust. It is not coolant and the van never did this before. I timed the pump and it didn't change.

I finally broke down and took it to a "specialist" to find the problem, 2 weeks later and 2000 dollars I have my van back and it still pours white smoke out the exhaust. To say that I am frustrated at this point is being kind. I have rebuilt dozens of gas engines and cars of every type but diesels are new to me and to say that lightening it on fire and rolling down a hill is about the best I can do at this point.

So what has been done to trouble shoot this problem:

- "professional" diesel mechanic

- timed it again; no improvement $400

- new injectors; no improvement $1000

- timed it again; no improvement $400

- compression test; all within tolerances $200

At that point I suspected they were as lost as I and were just throwing money at the van hoping to trip over a solution. I am not interested in paying for someones training. I brought the van home and am asking experienced mechanics if you have any ideas what has happened.

The van at this point runs great, starts great but pours out more white smoke than the foggers on the back of the city trucks.

I would appreciate any help or ideas.
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