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240k Miles and no mods.
Truck is having intermittent power surges, like I pressed the NOS button in fast and furious, while on the throttle cruising. It happens at idle too and revs close to 1k rpms and bucks when I let the brake off, the rpm is steady while doing this. The bucking happens while cruising too. During a surge I will get the increased power then let of the accelerator and press again and it will buck/jump Then shortly go back to normal. It started off infrequently and now is back and fourth every 30 seconds or so while driving.
Next, it will randomly die out like complete failure. No sputtering just off and it always cranks right up. It’s always on a deceleration and often while turning in a driveway/bump. Also, no crank problems it always starts the same.
I replaced the CPS and ICP. Oil level is good. Next I am going look at the IPR and check the nut on the back and see if its loose then maybe rebuild the IPR???
Any thoughts boys? I don’t want to just throw parts at it but I don’t mind fixing stuff thats old or failing.
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