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Decided it’s time to sell the X. Don’t really use it anymore since the kids are almost all out of the house, FINALLY! 

2002 Ford Excursion Limited 2wd 7.3 Diesel


Ford AIS intake

 Kenwood Navigation w/ bluetooth

overhead DVD

Wet Okole seat covers

recently changed the balljoints and A/C clutch

no major work done to the motor or trans.

Just normal bolt ons that go bad.

 Clean title

Now for the bads ... rear A/C only blows hot. Front works good though, changed the blender door and rear valve. Just don’t have time to dig into it any more. Has an air leak on the air bags I think it’s a line o-ring, but again too busy with work to chase it down.

Also the paint in a few areas is showing it’s age with the clear coat.

looking to get $12,500 out of her to put towards something I will use more. Open to trades so let me know what you got..


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