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I have a 2004 f350 dually 4x4 160xxx EGR deleted
Head bolts (not studded) not tuned 4 in turbo back exhaust.
Runs very well but overheats at speeds above 65 mph.
I have a matco max me and I can read many parameters with it.
At 60 mph
My EOT 192 and ECT 198 ish so delta are close enough to satisfy me that the oil cooler is good.
Even at higher speeds the deltas are fairly close.
The truck is new to me i have had it only 72 hours
I have already replaced the thermostat and cooling fan clutch
I bought a new water pump but the old one looked fine. So I opted to return it
No visible signs of slipped impeller or busted fins
Matter of fact it looked new.

I am not sure if I am loosing coolent because I haven't had the truck long.

It seams if I turn my fan on hi or 100% I can travel higher speeds with no issues
I dont want to have to force the fan into 100% operating just to drive.
Any help would be great
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