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While pulling a loaded car trailer for 45 minutes the engine just shut off. No sputtering nor overheating. I let it coast to a stop and it would not restart. Bats and Alt. were good. After sitting for approximately 15 minutes it restarts. After 20 min of driving this cycle repeated. I then dropped the trailer in a parking lot and the truck drives fine.... No more issues. I took it to the dealer and they couldn't replicate the issue and no codes were present. I provided my trailer to do a road test (replicated problem) and they say it needs a HPOP and the ICP for a total of 3,300. If the HPOP was bad, wouldn't it be failing more as this is only an issue when added heat from pulling is present?(seems like it would be a seal failing to me). I was hoping they would find the CPS as the issue but 3,300 with a possible 800 for a plate that it might need is a little steep for me. Also I unplugged the ICP during the no start condition and it did not help.

Thanks Joe
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