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2004 F250 Problem - help please

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Hi There,

A few years back I purchased a 2004 Ford Super Duty F-250 Diesel 6.0L Automatic (Vin 1FTNW21P94ED50795) which I took to Vanuatu.

It has been at the Ford dealership in Port Vila, Vanuatu for around six months at a cost of over 4000 USD and is no different to when it went in. They have replaced the fuel injection computer module, cleaned injectors, changed filters and serviced. To be honest I don't think they have any idea. This particular model is unknown in Vanuatu.

The problem is if against a kerb or rock or in a shallow hole at standstill it won't rev up or climb over. The engine loads up but won't rev. If the vehicle is pushed back or forward a few inches it will then take off and climb over. On road at speed it seems ok, it changes gears and kicks down as normal. It happens when cold and warmed up.

The opinion I get from mechanics here is that the problem may be in the solenoid operating the torque convertor or in the convertor itself. Also been suggested to replace all injectors.

This is too expensive for me to fix on an old truck. Does anyone have any other ideas on what maybe wrong with it?


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First, I was never a transmission tech. I don't know where people get that idea from.

I don't think it is the solenoid operating the torque converter. If that didn't work right it would just stall the engine.

We need to narrow down the problem to the engine or the transmission. When the engine won't rev, what happens if you shift it to N? Will it rev then?

Another test that might help is a stall test. Put the parking brake on, and with your left foot hold the regular brake pedal as hard as you can. With the trans in D, press the accelerator to the floor FOR NO MORE THAN 5 SECONDS. Read the engine RPM and let go of the accelerator. Let it idle for at least a minute. What RPM did it reach?
That's my guess, too. A stall test should confirm that.
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