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2004 Ford 6.0L excursion late build

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I've done the bulletproof egr cooler, OEM oil cooler, Drivers side injectors 2,4,6,8, cleared plugged EBP line, fixed MAP/boost hose, clean turbo and replaced unison ring and VGT, cleaned intake, new fuel reg gasket , new IPR,reman. FIM 48v. All this has been changed over the last year/year and a half. Probably more that I'm forgetting but anyway my problem is lack of power while I'm power braking. When I go down the road moving it seems to be good, at (WOT) IPR goes to about 40-45, ICP goes to 4000-4200, EBP and boost are within 8-10 of each other, boost gets to 22-24, and ICP VOLTS are 4.2v. Power braking I only get 10 psi of boost, 1800-2000 psi at ICP, IPR is still going to 40-45%, ICP VOLTS only get to 2.2v, EBP 30-35. I also pulled the catalytic converter and the air intake filter to see if there was a restriction but didn't make a difference. It is possible I have a bad injector the passenger side #1. It showed up on scanner but that was before I found boost hose with a hole and had no power at all even while driving or power braking. I gave the scanner back to my buddy he needed to send it to get the new update so I haven't checked since I found the hole. I am going to do the 1,3,5,7 injectors but worried this won't correct my problem. Is it possible that this could be the problem?
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I was wrong with IPR numbers,its 65-75% @ WOT
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