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2004 Ford 6.0L excursion late build

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I've done the bulletproof egr cooler, OEM oil cooler, Drivers side injectors 2,4,6,8, cleared plugged EBP line, fixed MAP/boost hose, clean turbo and replaced unison ring and VGT, cleaned intake, new fuel reg gasket , new IPR,reman. FIM 48v. All this has been changed over the last year/year and a half. Probably more that I'm forgetting but anyway my problem is lack of power while I'm power braking. When I go down the road moving it seems to be good, at (WOT) IPR goes to about 40-45, ICP goes to 4000-4200, EBP and boost are within 8-10 of each other, boost gets to 22-24, and ICP VOLTS are 4.2v. Power braking I only get 10 psi of boost, 1800-2000 psi at ICP, IPR is still going to 40-45%, ICP VOLTS only get to 2.2v, EBP 30-35. I also pulled the catalytic converter and the air intake filter to see if there was a restriction but didn't make a difference. It is possible I have a bad injector the passenger side #1. It showed up on scanner but that was before I found boost hose with a hole and had no power at all even while driving or power braking. I gave the scanner back to my buddy he needed to send it to get the new update so I haven't checked since I found the hole. I am going to do the 1,3,5,7 injectors but worried this won't correct my problem. Is it possible that this could be the problem?
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How many miles on it?
With 218k on it just replace all the injectors. Typical service life is 150-200k. I'm not saying that's your problem this time, but if its not it will be soon enough.

Those IPR numbers are high. My suspicion would be something in the HPO system is off. It could be the IPR going bad, I'm not a fan of remans; I'd prefer new Ford/Motorcraft. On an early build I'd suspect the HPOP, but the later pump is the last thing I'd suspect. It could be a leak. Has the STC fitting been replaced? Standpipes and dummy plugs? It could be the nipple cup seals on the oil rails, or even the injector top seals. That's where I'd start in order of descending likelyhood.
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