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ive been keeping an eye out on craigslist for an 05+ 6.0l (because theyre cheap) DRW 4x4 CC. I recently found one with over 300k miles that needs some work for 6500.00 The plan is simple, hack it up a bit, bullet proof it to the best of my ability, e-lockers or air lockers front and rear, maybe 4"-6" suspension lift with decent shocks, single the rear wheels, run 20" military recentered double beadlocks and military surplus XZL or XML type tires, regear the axles slide in rear camper possibly delete the bed altogether and hack up a pop up camper trailer to attach to the back. If I keep it light enough we will be able to finally tow our Contender 35' express.

Anyways a snippet from the craigslist ad:
2006 F350 4x4 dually 6.0 diesel. 315,000 miles. Leather seats fully loaded. Has full replacement ranch hand front bumper. Two new batteries and alternator. Turbo was also replaced with head gasket about 8k miles ago.

Bad: The number two injector is out so it misses when it runs and has lack of power until its warmed up. The AC also just stopped blowing cold. Im not sure why.
Blue book value on this truck with injector and ac fixed is close to 13,000.
I have experience with a past 05 5.9l dodge diesel that I ended up getting rid of around 130k miles (back in 2012). I went through 4 transmissions before I ended up shelling out 8k to have Hotrod diesels build a transmission that would last. Also, the AC compressor went out every summer like clock work on that truck. the interior panels and switch bezels started breaking/popping out and i just was not happy constantly worrying about being stranded in it.
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