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2005 Badges Still Peeling?

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Hey, I remember about the 2005 badges peeling paint. Is that just the F-?50 Badges, or are the "Powerstroke" door badges peeling also?

I want to put some on Rachel's new Excursion and I'm trying to decide between the 03-04 badges or the 05's.

Thanks in advance.

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Trust me, those are going back on. Rachel has already talked to me about the badges she lost; The ones from you and from Steve. Mail is in the Mail.

Koolkat812 & Playtoplay:

<font color="red"> Here </font> is the webpage for the International Badges. He does a great job. Car washes, rain, wind, multiple "G" forces. Still attached. I love it when the guys in the "Big-Rigs" notice the "Endless Road" Badges on the tailgate or the front fender and give me the thumbs up as they honk their horns....Of course, they really smile when I honk my horns too!

1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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