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2005 Badges Still Peeling?

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Hey, I remember about the 2005 badges peeling paint. Is that just the F-?50 Badges, or are the "Powerstroke" door badges peeling also?

I want to put some on Rachel's new Excursion and I'm trying to decide between the 03-04 badges or the 05's.

Thanks in advance.

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That has got to be the STUPIDEST excuse that I have EVER HEARD!

My 03 has been thru THOUSANDS of no touch car washes and my badges look like they did the day I bought it...

It is obvious to me that the vendor who supplies the badges to Ford has a bit of a problem with this batch of their product.

If you vehicle is under warrantee, you may consider a friendly visit to your dealer EACH & EVERY time they begin to peel, OR just do the paint removal thing and enjoy the chrome look that some other S.D. owners do on purpose?

The Car Wash thing just Kills me!!! LOL /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/rolleyes.gif

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