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I've running the oem built in Trailer Brake Controller (TBC) in my 2005 F250 with the 6.0 in it. 95% of the time, the TBC works great. It's nice and smooth with applying the brakes in my camper, boat, or utility trailers...and seems to have plenty of power.

BUT......any time I'm going slower that around 10mph, even though it's showing that it's putting out power on the display, it doesn't put any power to the trailer brakes. Even if I manually squeeze the actuator lever all the way down, ZERO stopping power.

I read someone one one of the forums that this is normal for that year TBC' need to get up to 10mph before it starts applying braking power. Is that true? If so, why in the hell would Ford design it like that? It's caught me off guard a few times going down steep hills at a slow speed, or rolling up to a stop pretty down on the brakes, and the trailer just tried to push the truck. Talk about dangerous!!

Is there any fix for this besides putting in an aftermarket TBC? Any info on this would be great! I can't be the only one who hates this "feature" on the OEM TBC's.

Thanks for the info!
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