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Hey guys! I need some help. I have a 2006 F-350 6.0L powerstroke with 52,000 miles. About 8 months ago I noticed some small white puffs of smoke when the truck is at 130 ECT or above only when leaving from a dead stop. The longer the truck runs to max op temp of 190 ECT it begins to blow black for about a half a second then turns white for a second or two when accelerating from a dead stop then it goes away until I stop again. It never smoke when the truck is cold. The truck is a little sluggish from a dead stop when blowing smoke then clears out quickly. Otherwise, the truck runs great and starts right up even when it is below freezing.

The truck was under factory warranty until October 2015. So, September I took it to the dealer, thinking it was likely EGR cooler and it would be an easy fix. They had the truck for 8 weeks. $9000 worth of warranty work later, they called me and told me there is nothing else they can do and Ford is done paying for it. So here it sits in the driveway still smoking from a stop when warm. The dealer put a new EGR cooler, EGR valve, Oil cooler, new heads and valve assembly, of course head gaskets done, new glow plug harnesses, 8 new injectors, cleaned MAP line, fuel pressure at 56 PSI and reflashed FICM. The FICM was replaced under warranty 4 years ago as well. Compression test was 400-450 in all cylinders. I have been fooling around with it and replaced EGR valve again and I am NOT losing coolant. EOT and ECT delta is 3-5 degrees (thinking maybe oil cooler was bad when new). I found that if you unplug the EGR valve the truck has a lot more power and the smoke stops. I don't want to just put a EGR delete in it because I don't want to just "mask" the problem. I will likely put an EGR delete in it afterwards when I know the issue is really resolved.

The truck has a 4 inch straight piped exhaust and it had a AIRAID intake but the dealer told me to take it off because the dirt is sucks it likely why the truck is broken. So the stock air intake is back on. The Edge Juice with Attitude monitor allows me to monitor numbers, but it always stays in stock, I don't run the balls off of it.
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