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So, i have a 06 6.0l has 110k on it. Runs fine, starts fine, doesnt miss a beat. Turbo spools fine with canned sct livewire plus street tune. I use custom tunes from 5 star tuning, which im thinking was a mistake for paying for, and it smokes like a freight train with basically a "dead" pedal. Turbo wont spools, bellows smoke, wont hardly maintain speed. Put canned tuned back on it and it runs fine. The custom tunes worked fine for a few months, first time i flashed it to the eco tune, it felt like it had enough power to break itself. Then the second start up, it mellowed out. After a couple months of the eco tune and the tow tune, when pulling my 5th wheel, when i got home from a camping trip and went back to eco tune, it starting blowing smoke. At 45 mph in top gear, it loads up, it downshifts after a couple frustrating stabs at the pedal and still wouldnt build boost. I replaced the egr valve with one from sinister diesel i bought previously, and tuned it back to stock then drove it down the road. Ran fine for a stock tune. Then i tuned it back to the eco tune and beat its ass for a few miles and it ran how it was supposed to. For a week. Then back to a dead pedal sensation again. not spooling. Flashed to the canned street tune and it runs fine again. Of course, dont pull out in front of somebody or you'll get hit because it takes 3 seconds for the turbo to spool but when it does, watch out. I hate that i cant use the tunes i paid for but im wondering if the tunes are broken. Or maybe my vanes are sticking and it cant handle the fuel the tune is giving it? I bought an cold air intake from sinister diesel as well but when i bought the egr valve. I put it on with the valve before i got the tuner and the truck did not like it. smoked and had a loss of power. After having the air intake on and off several times i found it didnt like the egr valve. So i never put the intake back on but im about to since i have it and see if that helps the air flow issue. Ive check the map hose from the intake and it isnt cracked. EBP is with in normal ranges from what i can tell and remember with my snap on scanner. I have a stock exhaust which is gonna go and get changed to a banks monster 4inch turbo back with flow through muffler as soon as i get my other truck running. Im just at an stand still with this dang truck. And i really dont want to pull the turbo. I bought the truck from an older gentleman who never tuned the truck. All dealer maintained. Deal replaced turbo at around 80k for some reason. I was thinking i should have gotten tunes from innovative diesel or a diesel only place. 5 star seems to be mainly gas tuned based. Does anybody have any insight or experience with my issues?
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