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2006 or 2008 F350 Opinions

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I went back through the archives to about October and did not find this topic. Search was not helpful and I would like some current opinions?

I have the opportunity to buy one of several used trucks. My decision is basically between comparable F350 4x4 Dually Crew Cabs. My question is this: Now that you have lived with your 2008 for some time, which would you buy a 2006 or 2008? Why?

I will be using it for towing a 15,000 lb conventional hitch equipment trailer, plus some 5th wheel horse trailer towing.

To be honest, I am leaning towards the 2008 because it "feels" like a superior truck, but I am concerned about the emissions equipment, fuel economy and cost of maintenance. All of which are tough to measure not owning either. Obviously, my old truck does not get the job done well.
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I also had an early '03 6.0 DRW CC and now an '08 Job 2 DRW CC. The '08 in my opinion is the much better truck. Like dieselmankane said, it starts at the touch of the key every morning and is smooth as can be. In my case with my '03, I had the leaf sprung front end 4x4. On my '08 I got the wide track front axle for the DRW so I had a HUGE change in turning radius. I am very happy about that but the difference in ride was also huge. Of course they went to the coil front ends in the 05MY so I couldn't tell you the difference on an '05-'07 and an '08.

I occasionally tow forklift trucks on a tiltdeck equipment trailer and it's around 15k loaded. The factory hitch has been adequate for the job. The truck pulls real nice too.
Here's a forklift on a TrailKing tiltdeck that I pulled last year.

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1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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