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I have a 2004 F250 power stroke that is 2 wheel drive and my friend has a 2008 F250 4x4. He felt confident that his factory 2.5" lift kit he took off of his truck will fit into mine. Mine is factory height with no mods.

Will the 2008 Ford factory lift kit work in my truck?

I have to admit i already started tearing everything apart to find out. I have never done suspension mods but I already see a few things that are odd:
  • The top coil of the 2008 springs seem to be a slightly different size (bigger). I think I could fix that by making a new bracket to hold the spring in place (?)
  • The Rancho shocks that he gave me have a larger thread at the top than my factory shocks. I would have to find a nut that fits but i think it should still work.
  • The anti-sway bar control arms are much beefier and dont fit in my 2004. I am also not sure where the anti-sway bar is supposed to go after the huge lift the spring adds. Does it go under the steering linkage? or above it?
I am hoping to use this 2.5" lift because he sold me his 20" alloys with new good years on them, and i have those plain 16" steel wheels and have always wanted to upgrade the wheels (where always means since 2005)

I dont mind if this is a "no way, dont do it" but I would love to use this kit if its safe and reasonable. I got the kit free so i dont mind if i have to get a few parts or work to make something fit.

Thanks for your help!

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First, the suspension changed for both 4x4 & 2wd in 2005.

Second, you will need 2" wheel spacers, to use the 2005+ 20" wheels, as the offset changed in 2005.

My suggestion is to put the truck back together and buy stuff made for your year & model truck. Saving a few bucks now, will probably cost you more later with the modifications needed to make the cheap stuff work or fix what went wrong.
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