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2008 F350 6.4 died on hwy, 70k miles

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A few weeks ago, my truck died at a stop light and wouldn't restart. Looked at fuel filters because ignition seemed to work and seemed like a fuel system problem. Drained fuel filters, a little water, replaced filters. Still won't start. Bled air out of system. Mechanics hooked it up to Ford computer, no codes. Took out 2 glow plugs, said the two injectors for those cylinders did not spray. Hooked up a new one, and it worked. Today they told me they are thinking contaminated fuel. No warranty if that is the problem, and $6200 bill. Will take any and all thoughts as my day has just been ruined.

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Any reciept for the fuel that you purchased? Buy it on a credit card?
I would gather all of your maint records to show them that you have been doing what is required. But bottom line is gonna be the facts.

why should ford warranty water in the fuel?
No problem, yes I do agree that the water in fuel light should have come on. I also agree that the system should be more robust that it is.

I have never really heard of all 8 injectors going to pot at the same time but I suppose it is possible that you ran it long enough that all 8 have been effected.

So what else could do this? That I would have to think on.
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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