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2008 F350 6.4 died on hwy, 70k miles

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A few weeks ago, my truck died at a stop light and wouldn't restart. Looked at fuel filters because ignition seemed to work and seemed like a fuel system problem. Drained fuel filters, a little water, replaced filters. Still won't start. Bled air out of system. Mechanics hooked it up to Ford computer, no codes. Took out 2 glow plugs, said the two injectors for those cylinders did not spray. Hooked up a new one, and it worked. Today they told me they are thinking contaminated fuel. No warranty if that is the problem, and $6200 bill. Will take any and all thoughts as my day has just been ruined.

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On the other side, if you didn't have the update, they sent out letters stating that failure to get the update in a timely fashion can result in voiding warranty.
My 11B23 written notice gave a date certain, something like a year out, by which time I needed to have the update done. I can not see Ford prevailing in an argument that simply sending the letter immediately absolves them of any warranty responsibilites, not until after that specific date.

Just a pasing Alan Shore (Boston Legal) moment,
- Don
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