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2008 Radiators vs. 2009-2010 model years

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Almost all of the rad repairs that I remember reading about are on the 2008 models. One would think that any replacements now being placed in the trucks would be from the later years unless the part number have changed since the 2008 model year. In other words (excuse my ignorance), I would think the replaced rads would be from the 2009-2010 model years?

The reason I question this is because my 08 Job 1 F250, that I bought this year with 29000 miles, is just now with 37000 miles having the radiator replaced. It is the 3rd time I returned it back to the dealer due to coolant leakage. Am I possibly facing repeat replacements? They have tightened the hose clamps and replaced the degas tank on previous 2 attempts to stop the leak.
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radiators are all the same across the years.

Alot of the 08's had hyperextended thermostats. I would be that is the case with your repeat failures. That is where they need to look.
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