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The reason I am a member of this forum, I own a early 99 F250 7.3 that has seen a bunch of upgrades this year thanks to all the information made available to me on this site.
I also own a 2009 F250 5.4 gas, Standard Cab, with an 8' Reading Utility body on it.
It is time for the 5.4 to head down the road to a new owner and thinking of ways to get the word out and list it for sale.
I'm new to all this forum stuff and started looking at the Market Place/Classified area and see very specific restrictions about being able to list "Diesels Only" am I missing something that would allow me to list this 5.4 gas truck for sale within a different section?
I certainly don't want to break any rules and if there is no way to list this vehicle within The Dieselstop, do any members have any suggestions relating to good sites that would allow me to get my truck into the market? It is a private sale and I personally own the truck and have owned the truck for five years.
I appreciate any assistance Administrators or Members can provide.
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