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Today I installed new hot and cold side intercooler pipes. When I disconnected the passenger side positive terminal the ratchet connected with the radiator support and caused some small sparks (im sure its been done before).

Not thinking anything, I continued on with what I was doing and reinstalled everything afterward. I start my truck and notice the CEL light is on. I go to turn the truck off to pull the codes. Truck doesn't turn off with the key. When the key is turned off, all power and accessories shut down like normal, but the engine stays running. I ended up pulling fuel control module relay to shut the engine off.

I pulled the 3 codes, all relating to glow plugs. I clear the codes and put the relay back in and start the truck like normal. This time, no CEL but the truck started like it had a weak battery, and the engine still wont shut down.

I pull the relay again to shut the engine down. I checked every fuse under the hood and in the panel in the truck. Only one was blown, #35 which is for the 4x4, reverse system, tow/haul mode. Maybe a coincident. Replaced the fuse and didnt change anything.

To make matters worse, batteries are completely dead and on the charger, which is also unusual.

Any ideas on where to start diagnosing this problem. Im pretty sure the pipe install has nothing to do with the issue.

Truck is a 2010 F250 with 51k miles. No mods other than the new pipes and bullet proofed egr coolers.
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