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'2013 F350 gauges and all lights quit

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so i have a 2013 f350 400k on it, put in a remote start 6 months ago. new kenwood stereo 4 weeks ago because sync quit working. today driving along traction and brake light came on for 2 seconds then off. 200 miles later dash lights and gauges turned off like i turned off ignition. headlights and brake lights, turn signals door locks, all inop.

vehicle still runs, drove it home 150 miles and nothing ever came back on, still has problem.. removed remote start, still has issue. removed radio and plugged harness back in. still had issues. vehicle will not turn off. running for 10 hours now.

also some condensation is rt floorboard, but still drains extenally, had windshield replaced 3 months ago.

any ideas....


also a code U0140 showed up
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