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'2014 F450 Replacement Engine

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I bought a 2014 F450 with 26000 miles from my local Ford dealer at the end of December. It had a turbo leak on it and was in the process of being repaired. Someone had put a Garret turbo on it without the mounting pedestal. They could not get it to stop leaking so the only way to solve it was they order a MPD Budget turbo kit and installed the new turbo pedestal and new turbo. I was really happy. Drove it home and the next morning had oil on my driveway. Took it back and they found that the oil pad was bent. Ordered a new oil pan and installed. Drove it home and next day had oil in driveway. Took it back and they believed that it was the rear main seal. Removed the trans and replaced the rear main seal. Drove it and still leaked oil took it back and they found a crack in the block about 3" up from the oil pan, which had been causing the oil problem the entire time. They are going to order a replacement long block this week is there any questions I should ask or upgrades I need to pay for myself? 2 months without a truck and likely it will be down 3-4 more weeks.
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