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I guess this would have been much easier than eMailing the file like 100 times over the last week ;-)
LOL! Thanks Bobby! I hope you post the chassis cabs as well.

BTW, I really like that you have kept your ad on this website exactly the same for the almost 15 years you have been supporting this forum. I hope you never change it, including the pictures of the original Super Duties from 1999.

The unchanged consistency of your banner ad reminds me that several other dealers have come and gone with their sponsorships of this forum (remember Cochise? there were several others, but I forgot their names) but you have remained here all along, steady as the day is long.

I've sent business your way in the past (not just a referral but brake lights over the curb done deal). One of these days coming up within the next year or two, most likely in the final year of the current body style to allow the current drivetrain to have as much field experience as possible, it will be my turn again.
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