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'2015 6.7L exhaust smell

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I am noticing an odor of exhaust gases in my cab when I remote start the truck and warm it up when it's cold out. Never had a problem in the summer time. Truck only has 10,000 miles on it and I'm worried? First diesel truck purchase. Can anyone help..
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Don't take this the wrong way.. the forum search function at the top of the page works very well. You can plug in key words and it will search every post/thread.

I remember reading about your issue in the past, searched "diesel exhaust smell" and found this for you.

My guess, cracked downpipe. Nothing major, take it to your dealer.
Thanks. New to the forums and the diesel truck world. Grateful, for your help
No problem, welcome to the forum. A wealth of knowledge in here from a lot of people.
I'd say it's the vent sucking in the tailpipe exhaust due to wind direction before it's a cracked downpipe. Next time make sure the vent system is on RECIRCULATE and see that helps. If you really want to see if there is a leak just pop the hood and use your nose.

Pretty doubtful it's any sort of under hood piping.
If it's raw diesel exhaust odor, it's possibly the down pipe. If it's the smell from your tailpipe (French fries and windex) it's more than likely just the wind blowing it around to the cab air intake

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I have zero smell from my truck, nothing out of the tailpipe or the motor.

If you smell diesel fumes, there is a leak somewhere before the DPF.
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