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The differences that set apart the performance of the modern crop of domestic half-ton pickup trucks are minuscule.

Each will handle hard work and the strain of towing and hauling. But it isn’t about whether or not the work gets done, but rather how the work gets done, that separates one truck from the next. And it’s these small differences that can bring in customers with cash in hand.

In partnership with the Canadian Truck King Challenge, we gathered together the three domestic half-ton pickup trucks to pit them against one another in an effort to find those differences.

Like with every pickup truck test, this isn’t a beauty contest. Each one of the trucks was hooked up to a 6,000-pound trailer for a towing test, loaded with 1,000 lbs worth of payload in the bed and driven through a moderate off-road course to replicate real-world conditions (all in the pouring rain, as our photos will attest).

Another part of our testing includes hooking up a data recorder to the OBDII port of each pickup that accurately tracks fuel economy, while empty, towing and hauling.

Read on for the detailed fuel economy numbers and for our findings on each of the truck.
Read more about the 2016 Ford F-150 vs Ram 1500 EcoDiesel vs Chevy Silverado at
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