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2017 12 Volt DC Power Point

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2017 F250 CC 6.7 4x4 XLT 6.75 bed-not a whole lot of extra goodies-although it is AWESOME!

My 12v powerpoints are all shutting off as soon as I open a door when the ignition is off. The manual says that the outlets should stay hot for 30 minutes when the key is in ACC and 75 minutes after shutting it off. I'm pretty sure that my F150 times out as described-I know it definitely doesn't shut the power off instantly when you key OFF...I need the ablity to let something charge for an hour before losing 12v...

Thoughts? I'm wondering if I have a flash issue or if somewhere I'm missing a relay or something-there is an ACC delay fuse that's OK-and everything else seems ok...and of course I'm on the road learning a brand new truck!
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