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2017 Bed Height?

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As I recall many years ago after complaints from gooseneck and 5ver towers to Ford about to little bed clearance, Ford gave an order option for lower bed height. I think I remember ordering my 1996 with a lower bed??? My 2001 and current 2011 dually 4X4's have stood much lower than Dodge and GM. I am happy with my duallys clearance being able to pull my trailers level with good all around clearance. My Dodge friends still gripe about low clearance and my Dodge neighbor still has his 5ver at a really stupid angle after trying many hitch adjustments. ---- On a couple RV forums I frequent the chat on the new 2017's is that the 4X4 models are really higher again causing concern for new potential buyers. Why is Ford going high again? And is there a order option to get it back to a good clearance height for gooseneck and 5ver towers? ---- Towing my trailers level is very important to me and that low back corner clearance caused by a high bed is nothing but trouble. This could be a deal breaker for many buyers.
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I don't think they had a lower bed option per say, just mid 99 they switched from using 4" blocks on the duallys to 2" after complaints from customers. People who had the higher trucks could swap them out after the fact. I had one customer that took even the 2" out! Also the 250s used a 2" block and the 350s SRW used a 4" block effectively giving you 2 different bed heights based on which you choose. Not sure what the 17"s duallys are using, but they definitely look taller, which is good for me, but not necessarily others.
5" extra seems a bit unlikely. Would the dealer just let you come in with your fifth wheel and try it out (assuming the one your looking at has the prep package). Seems like it not only might help them sell you a truck but also good info for future clients.
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