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2017 Bed Height?

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As I recall many years ago after complaints from gooseneck and 5ver towers to Ford about to little bed clearance, Ford gave an order option for lower bed height. I think I remember ordering my 1996 with a lower bed??? My 2001 and current 2011 dually 4X4's have stood much lower than Dodge and GM. I am happy with my duallys clearance being able to pull my trailers level with good all around clearance. My Dodge friends still gripe about low clearance and my Dodge neighbor still has his 5ver at a really stupid angle after trying many hitch adjustments. ---- On a couple RV forums I frequent the chat on the new 2017's is that the 4X4 models are really higher again causing concern for new potential buyers. Why is Ford going high again? And is there a order option to get it back to a good clearance height for gooseneck and 5ver towers? ---- Towing my trailers level is very important to me and that low back corner clearance caused by a high bed is nothing but trouble. This could be a deal breaker for many buyers.
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I just placed my order yesterday. I scanned every option and I never saw an option for a lower bed height.
I'm a little concerned too as my main trailer is a 5th wheel toy hauler, and I'm here to tell you, those 2017's are much taller in stock form than anything else I've seen.
I don't think there will be a need for air bags on this truck, I need the bed to squat as much as possible. Load the nose of the RV down now instead of moving everything to the back.
But I love the towing specs these 17's have. Amazing.
Congratulations. No doubt they will be amazing trucks. Did you order a single wheel or dually? I'm hoping that the dually will sit lower. I've been spoiled with my 01 and 11 duallys. The height was just perfect for level goose/5ver towing. I think some people many not understand why level towing is a must. Trailers high in the front tend to fishtail. When you stop on a fairly level parking lot and the trailer is still very unlevel, your RV refrigerator can be damaged quickly. RV refers need to be level when parked. When dry camping overnight while on a trip, and you stay hooked up, the wife gets testy when all the bacon grease goes to one side of the pan lol. ---- Also the DW says that if I get any higher truck I'll need to give her a foot up to get in. And the higher the bed the harder to reach over and pull out that full 5 gallon water or gas can or Honda 2000 generator. IMHO
I ordered a SRW. My toy hauler is a triple axle, so sway isn't really an issue. I was able to get the trailer level with 35lbs in my air bags on my 08.
I'm amazed at the towing and payload numbers on the 17's compared to the 16's. It's not even close. I like the stance but hopefully it's not an issue with my trailer.
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