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'2017 Build Date

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My new 2017 F250 SD was built on 12-12-2017 now will see how long it takes to get here.
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Don't want to burst your bubble, but mines been stuck in Kentucky since October 25th! Ordered in April. Upside is there's only one gate, so actually the newer built trucks get shipped before the ones that have been sitting, so there is some hope. Unfortunately I only want a Ford at the moment as I'd love to tell them to stick it. If enough of us did they'd get some alternate shippers! They're costing me money at this point.
Sportscraft, I feel for you. My 2015 was similar but maybe not quite as long as yours. It was build on may14 and i did not get the truck till 29 june. I called and complained and contacted even the rail road rail head office in Shelbyville, KY but no avail. I was given a 3yr/45k miles.9 oil changes Premium service contract for free. I did pay to up it to full synthetic. I would complain and see if they will do same.
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