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Hi all- I’m sure that draining the fuel tank has been covered in other posts, but I didn’t find anything for 2018, so hopefully my experience will help someone else in this situation. What prompted this whole thing was I was looking how to energize the fuel pump relay to pump fuel (diesel contaminated with gasoline):surprise: out of the tank. After some looking I read that the relay is now part of the fuse box- so that was a no go. Didn’t want to drop the tank, as it had 55 gal in it. So this is how I did it... I apologize for the seriously crude drawing, but I was not able to take pics as I was doing this.

Here is what I used:
2 people if possible
Several containers for fuel
12 gauge stranded wire- 2 lengths about 6-10 feet long.
2 female crimp connectors
2 small alligator clips
1/2” heater hose 2-3 feet long
1/2” dia. Copper tubing or smooth metal fitting about 2” long

Solder or crimp connectors and clips onto wire. Going to be 1 for + and 1 for -.
From drivers side you can reach up above fuel tank and unclip the fuel pump connector. There will be 4 contacts. You want to connect your wires to the ones in positions 3 and 4 in the drawing. (Your female connectors should be same size as the 3 & 4 male contacts I should note). You are going to hook these wires up to another 12 volt battery source. Before you do that, under the hood you want to find the fuel filter on drivers side with the 3 hose connections. The one to the furthest right is the line coming from the fuel tank. Remove red clip and disconnect hose. This is where you want to insert your piece of tubing with the 1/2” heater hose. Best to make sure your tubing isn’t razor sharp or have burrs. As long as your heater hose fits over it nice and tight your good. Make sure tubing fits good so you have no leaks when you start pumping.

I apologize if this is lengthy, as I’m sure most of y’all know how to do this kinda stuff already, but just trying to be sure to explain it out ya know?:smile2:

Run your hose down to your container and hook up your leads, 1 to +, the other to - on 12 volt battery. Pump should come on, if it doesn’t pump anything out, just switch the leads on the battery. Fill your containers unhooking the leads when you have to get another container to fill.

Since the diesel was contaminated with gas and the truck was started and only ran a very short time, I replaced the fuel/water seperator filter under the truck and the filter under the hood. Cost was about $100.

When your done pumping out fuel, unhook leads to battery. Leave the drain hose in place. Now would be the time to replace your filters- under hood filter is self explanatory, under truck fuel/water seperator is easy as well.

Fill with fresh fuel. Hook your leads back up and make sure you pump some fresh fuel through the line again. Unhook your leads again, remove the drain hose and hook the tank line back onto the filter.

At this point I also pumped some fuel out of the fuel rail by disconnecting the return line (white connector/ black hose) using hose of appropriate size that fits over the metal fuel return rail where you disconnected return hose from. Hook up battery leads again and pump some fuel out of the line to purge any contaminated fuel out of the rail. Unhook your leads, hook the hose back up on the fuel rail and hook your connector back up under the truck on fuel pump. Should be good to go.

Hope I explained it good enough and hopefully you won’t ever have to do it, but if ya do, I found it wasn’t too difficult and truck runs perfect!


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