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I was thinking about going to 245/19.5 wheels. I should improve safety and load capacity while towing, and have extra room inside the wheels to do a rear disc brake conversion. Am I off base on these ideas?

I was thinking of adding a US Gear overdrive before I started thinking about the 245/19.5. But, maybe the underdrive will work better.

I have 4.10 gears now and 215/16 tires and stock final drive is 2.91. If I go to 245/19.5 the final drive will be close to 3.60. A US Gear OverDrive with 215/16 will give me a final drive ratio = 2.32 and with 245/19.5s = 2.05. A US Gear UnderDrive with 215/16 will give me a final drive ratio = 2.91 and with 245/19.5s = 2.52.. These #s are taken from US Gear chart for 4.10 and 3.55 ratios.

With 8 speeds of underdrive and 245/19.5 things would be comparable to 8 speeds of overdrive with 215/16 except I'll get a granny gear of 12.02 vs 11.11 stock.

This may work out decent! What do yall think?

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