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275/70r18....look too skinny?

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Here is my situation....I'm going to be putting on a 2.5" leveling kit and f-350 blocks on my 04 King Ranch, but I am having trouble finding a tire that will fit on my 18" stock wheels. I have found that for a leveling kit a 33x12.50 is the largest you can go without trimming, but the only true 33x12.50 I can find is the Toyo Open Country M/T. All I can find in a 33 is 13+ wide which is too much for the factory wheel. I want to run either Mickey Thompson ATZ or Procomp Extreme AT but neither make the size I need. Mickey Thompson makes a 275/70r18 in the ATZ which is 33.3x11.00, but will that look too skinny?? Is there any way I can squeeze in 35x12.50 with just a leveling kit, or will it look too stuffed?? Pictures and/or comments would greatly be appreciated. Thanks.
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I also have the 18" wheels . I went with the toyo open coutry at in 275/70 and really like them . 30,000 miles so far and their in good shape . you can also get them in a 285/75 18" . those are about 35' and 12" wide .here's a link TOYO Open Country AT @ Tire Deals 4 Less .
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