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Hello all
Does anyone know where i can get a set of coil springs for my truck. I am sure they have sagged some with 285 k miles on it.
The truck lived in California all its life until late last year. I drove it through the ice and snow here in Colorado all last winter with cooper discover ht street tires. Not fun at all, good thing is I Never hit anyone or caused an accident. Just had to replace a couple bent rims from sliding into curbs.
I would like to replace the front coils with a + 1 or 1.5 coil so i can fit a 285/75/16 tire with a more aggressive snow and ice tread.

If anyone has any ideas on a small bump up in height for the front end that would be great. not looking for an entire lift kit just something to get the front end off the ground.

The measurements from the floor to the fender in the garage are 34.25" on the driver side and 35" on the passenger side. It looks like its about 2" low for a 2wd truck. I am running the stock tire size 265/75/16 with the measurements mentioned.

Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you
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