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3.0l EGR Recall

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Anyone work for Ford that can post the dealer bulletin on 3.0l Power Stroke EGR Recall issue?
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What do you need to know?
I would value your opinion as one who works on these. I am seeking an F150 diesel myself because of the stellar experience I have had with my 2016 Range Rover TDi. Same engine and 106,000 very trouble free miles. I get high 20's MPG on the highway at 72 MPH. My vehicle weighs a bit more than the F150 by the way and has plenty of power. I also own a 2001 F250 7.3 diesel, a 1985 MB 300D, three diesel tractors at the ranch and even a diesel powered UTV. Needless to say, I like diesels! Thank you for your thoughts!
Nuneez - I actually have never touched one of these engines as they are not sold in big numbers and my dealer has only sold a handful at best. Aside from that I primarily work on Super Duty, Econoline, Full-sized Transit and medium duty trucks so needless to say I have no direct experience with this particular diesel engine. I do have access to people who do AND access to all of the OEM resources that are available should you have any questions there.
Thank you sir! My local Ford service dept. manager said that thy have limited experience as well due to low sales. However, one mechanic said that they were a "POS" w/o any elaborating. My Land Rover dealer said just the opposite for 5 years now. It is not a new engine. Just new to US. Thanks again!
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