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3.73 to 4.10 gear change

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My limited slip is going bad. It chadders rounding corners when towing my 8000# travel trailer. Changed rear end grease with additive, and no change in the way it acts. So, I think it is time to go into it. While reworking the limited slip, I was considering changing the gears to 4.10. I mostly tow with my Excursion. It weighs around 8000# and has a near verticle front nose area. Since 90% of my driving is towing trailers, I would like to have more power while in the mountains. What are the cons of making this change? I tow around 60 mph and know rpm will be up around 200 rpm. I know it will hurt my running without trailer mileage. But I think it would help my towing mileage. Let me know your thoughts.
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First off, being a two wheel drive makes it much nicer than most of us. You should probably expect to spend about $1200 in parts. Assuming you probably will go with either a Detroit locker or an Eaton posi and a new gearset with install Kit. I just did this on my F-350, but I replaced the blown stock 3.73 gearset.

As far as your mileage and drivability goes, you will definitely see an improvement on acceleration. You stated you do a lot of mountain driving. Your rpms will be higher, you stated 200. I can't say whether that is right or not. I'm going to assume you did your homework and you are right. This will keep the engine in the better part of the powerband longer while pulling those hills. As far as mileage... I have no idea.

I'd say if you can stand to loose a little bit in mileage then the benefits would be worth it. Go for it.
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