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3.73 to 4.10 gear change

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My limited slip is going bad. It chadders rounding corners when towing my 8000# travel trailer. Changed rear end grease with additive, and no change in the way it acts. So, I think it is time to go into it. While reworking the limited slip, I was considering changing the gears to 4.10. I mostly tow with my Excursion. It weighs around 8000# and has a near verticle front nose area. Since 90% of my driving is towing trailers, I would like to have more power while in the mountains. What are the cons of making this change? I tow around 60 mph and know rpm will be up around 200 rpm. I know it will hurt my running without trailer mileage. But I think it would help my towing mileage. Let me know your thoughts.
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When I changed from 3.73's to 4.10's, I also installed the Detroit Truetrack diff's. Got a chance to put them through the paces in KY during the ice storm, working off road and in the mtn/woods, and I am very, very satisfied with the way they work. Much better than factory LS diff's.

Swapped to the 4.10's after 5 years of driving around on 35's, and it made a noticeable difference when towing, but like I said, that was on 35" tires. Put me right back to stock rpm/mph +-, and what I feel is back in the powerband for towing.
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