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3 questions for everyone

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3 questions here.
1)I need a code reader but not a programmer, who sells a code reader that is not a programmer combo? I dont want to pay for programmer, i have a dp-6 on the way.

2)With OD on at 50-60 mph/ 1700-1800 rpm, tranny shifts up and down real quick. like it does not know what it should do. check engine light comes on. I have had this happen with no load and load 6k. Happens every once in a while not all the time. 50,000 miles. Any ideas? /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/shrug.gif

3)Any good shops in my area for PSD or anyone that has code scanner and some time for me to stop by and check the codes? PM's welcome.

Thanks for the help, Jim
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Most code readers don't play very well with a PSD. There are a couple out there that folks say work, but if you really want a good diagnostic tool, AutoEnginuity is the ticket. The software and hardware will cost you about $450 delivered (you must have the enhanced Ford version). It will read ALL codes, run onboard diagnostic tests, ie KOEO, KOER, Cylinder contribution, etc, just like Ford does. It also can read real time data on all your sensors and data log them for later scrutiny and or graphing. Several members here have gone this way (including me) and I don't think anyone has been disapointed. There may be other tools out there that will work and are cheaper, but I don't think any have the capabilities of the AE package.
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